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Intro to Self-Hypnosis
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All are available live in New York City, through webinars nation-wide, or through a  recording. 

If there is a particular subject you would like to learn more about, let us know and we'll work on developing a class just for you!
3 hour class with short snack break.
One Sunday per month.  

One Saturday per month. 

Choose to participate live or via skype/online webinar. ​

In-person space is limited - register right away! 

Tele-conference space in unlimited!
Class Description: 

You know you have it in you... the creative genius trapped inside; communication skills that will woo your boss into promoting you; a healthy, sexy, strong body; an ability to develop facebook-stalking-like-focus in other areas of your life; the ability to create the life of your dreams, and more. Well, you're right! You do have it in you, but chances are your ability to transform your life is burried under years of bad habits and negative thinking. 

Hypnosis isn't magic and it isn't a way to control people, but it IS an incredibly powerful tool for rapid, radical self-improvement. 

Hypnosis is a meditative state that bypasses the critical factor of the mind, or the mind that says, "I'm fat and single and sad and I'm going to stay this way forever,"...or whatever you're unique, progress-stunting thoughts are. Self-hypnosis is a way to weed out, on a daily basis, the bad stuff that's been growing unchecked in your subconscious mind. It's also a way to plant and nurture awesome new thought patterns and beliefs that you've chosen for yourself. 

This class will teach you a lot. Most importantly you will learn how to hypnotize yourself in order to overcome your own subconscious road blocks. Once you identify and remove those things which are preventing you from acheving your goals, life really starts to get exciting! For more details, take a look at the class syllabus. 

What you will learn: 

1. What self-hypnosis is, what it is not, and why you should do it. 

2. How to hypnotize yourself. 

3. Reflective listening skills. This process will help you to bypass your own mental chatter to get to your core issues. (BONUS: this is also very useful for networking, any kind of sales job, personal relationships and more).

4. Determine what subconscious road blocks are stopping you from achieving your goals. 

5. Create a plan of action for how to overcome these roadblocks using self-hypnosis and awesome worksheets. 

6. Experience a group hypnosis session that will set you up for success upon leaving the class. 

Class Description: 

In the wake of such devastation we rarely have the time, money, or opportunity to focus on our mental or physical health. While suffering the horrific loss of loved ones, homes, neighborhoods, and even the loss of power for days or weeks on end, the likelihood of being able to rest soundly or experience any immediate healing is rare. And yet, full body rest is the best way to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. 

We are offering a $1.00, albeit brief, reprieve from the devastation of Sandy. For 60-minutes allow your body and mind an opportunity to truly rest. This will begin the process of healing and strengthening which is needed for the months and years ahead of rebuilding our communities and our lives. 

Every month we will be offering a $1.00 60-minute trauma relief sessions for any and all victims of Sandy. No amount of impact is too small for you to join us. In fact, we need to strengthen the bodies and minds of those who are able to volunteer and help others who are suffering the most so, please, do not second-guess your eligibility. 

We will begin by offering these workshops in the Financial District in Manhattan once per month. If the demand is great we will gladly expand and begin to offer workshops on additional days of the week. If there is a need or interest in a particular neighborhood, we will be happy to travel and bring our workshop to those communities. Simply email us at info@awakennyc.com and we will begin to coordinate with you. We have already begun outreach into the Jersey Shore and Staten Island. 

What to expect from the workshop in the Financial District of Manhattan: 

- Group format with room for up to 65 attendees per workshop 

- Brief 5 minute intro on how and why hypnosis and group meditation works rapidly to relieve the body and mind of trauma 

- A 50 minute group relaxation and trauma-relief session

- 5 minutes for announcements (volunteer opportunities, shelters with extra room, disaster relief updates, etc).

We will do our best to offer water and food to all attendees as well, however, this cannot be guaranteed as it will depend on donations. 

Class Description: 

Whether you've merely heard about Past Lives, already believe in them, or are a complete skeptic, this course is for you! We will spend the first half the course learning about both the mystic and scientific views of Past Life Regression. We will then have a 15-minute snack break and will resume with a 90 minute group regression.

Can past life regression help me understand my current relationships?
Yes, past life regression can help us gain insight into many issues, including relationships. 

Do most clients recall lifetimes as famous people?
Clients typically remember lives as ordinary people. Only a small percentage of our clients have recalled a lifetime as someone famous.

How do I know I'm not just making up a story?
It is sometimes possible to verify the events of the PLR. However, the most important aspect of the PLR, and the reason we provide this service, is that the information learned during a PLR helps the client move forward with more understanding and clarity than before. In our experience, a PLR can heal certain aspects of our clients' lives in a way that no other modality can.

Will I remember the session?
Yes, most people do remember the session, and many receive more information during the following two or three days.

Which is a better option -- a class or a private session? 
Group past life regressions work well for people who have taken our "10 Minutes to Change Your Life: Intro to Self-Hypnosis" class, or are experienced with hypnosis, meditation, or other processes that work with different levels of the mind. These sessions are also a nice introduction for people who are curious about their past lives and are not intending to address a deep or difficult issue. 
Group sessions are also less expensive than private sessions, however, in a group setting we have to keep the process very general and cannot give specific guidance to any individual. 
You will receive: 
* All Course Materials
* Entire Course Power Point 
* Audio Track of the Entire Course 
* Worksheets to Track Your Progress
* And More! 
You will receive: 
* All Course Materials
* Entire Course Power Point 
* Audio Track of the Entire Course 
* Worksheets to Track Your Progress
* And More! 
You will receive: 
* All Course Materials
* Entire Course Power Point 
* Audio Track of the Entire Course 
* Worksheets to Track Your Progress
* And More! 
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