Welcome to my website! I am an explorer and photographer born and raised in New York. From a young age, I always was looking around at the built world around me, trying to find out everything I could. Beyond that, I always had a specific interest in and liking for trains and transit. This blossomed into my hobby of exploring the city, with a specific interest in infrastructure and the tunnels and trains of the area.

I shoot on a Sony a7r ii, primarily with a Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art lens, sometimes with a Sony FE 28-70 f/3.5-5.6. My old camera was a Canon EOS Rebel T6i, which a good number of my shots were taken on.

The website is still a work in progress. A completed shop page will be coming soon, along with many blog posts related to what I have been posting on my instagram. In the meantime, enjoy what I have up. Thanks for reading and for taking an interest in my work!